Estás viendo los artículos publicados el mes de August del 2010

  1. La foto / 24 August, 2010

    Hoy me despierto pensando en mi madre un poco. Me acuerdo de una fotografía que me hizo Marta cuando en segundo de carrera vino a Madrid y de allí fuimos a pasar un día a Burriana, y que le envié a mi padre por e-mail porque sabía que a mi madre le iba a hacer […]

  2. Salad. / 21 August, 2010

    I’m sitting on my bed and eating salad from a big bowl and listening to Kings of Convenience. That’s all I’m doing. Staring at the stained white wall and enjoying the sound of music, I think about writing this: I couldn’t say why, but lately I write in English. Probably it’s the inability to build […]

  3. Dissertation / 8 August, 2010

    Moreover, the mitsein is not merely a relationship of awareness, but instead of fundamental engagement with the other, as much as “Dasein’s capacity to lose or find itself as an individual always determines, and is determined by, the way in which Dasein understands and conducts is relations with Others.” (Mulhall,1996:67). Mitsein is, thus, a rather […]